Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Theme for the Upcoming IKE SHOW 2012 VIDEO LAUNCH Explained...

As I've been conceptualizing the upcoming IKE SHOW 2012 VIDEO LAUNCH, I had to ask myself what the event was going to be about and most importantly, what I wanted people to take from my event. For me to put 110% into anything, I have to first connect FULLY with why I'm doing it in the first place, and this event was no different, I couldn't go any further until I fully understood what the event was going to be about at its CORE.

The reason why God put me on this path was to inspire people with my image, and as such, I had to be inspired by this event so I could in turn inspire others with it.

It was after prayer and meditation I was given the theme: "Get out of Your Own Way" and further showed what the show was meant to project.

THE IKE SHOW 2012 is an exploration into the possibilities that exist for you when you stop doubting yourself. It's an envisioning of what would happen if you were to simply surrender to the dreams bestowed to you by the Creator and let them lead you on a transformational journey that will culminate in your immortality. It is meant to show US the heights to which we can soar when we let our Creator express His divine creativity through our very beings - awe inspiring heights that will serve to inspire yours and future generations. THE IKE SHOW 2012 is a voyage into a world that exists if you can "GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY."

Monday, March 5, 2012

In the Making - THE IKE SHOW 2012 VIDEO LAUNCH!

After a brainstorming meeting this afternoon in Midtown, I am EXCITED to announce conceptualization of THE IKE SHOW 2012 VIDEO LAUNCH - "Get out of Your Own Way," to be coming sometime this late spring/summer.

My initial event, THE IKE SHOW - "Emergence of an ICON" that took place November 2010 was a resounding success. For the event, I teamed with my friend and roommate, Christopher Lopresti, a very talented figurative fine artist and Founder and Creative Director of Lopresti Arts. He not only curated the event, but also got a team of fine artists from draftsmen, to sculptors to painters to contribute images they created of me from a photo shoot Chris shot with myself another female model, Monica Pesantez.

In addition, the event featured: my own product launch of Ike Love Body Toning Oil created by my mentor, PSCOTT; large, poster sized images of myself; my greeting cards and other posters for sale; and my images on shopping bags for those who made purchases. It was an incredible event, with a great turnout that merged the worlds of fine art and fashion. Pics of the event can be seen below.

The message of the event was that you can appoint yourself the right to SHINE, without having to wait for anyone else to give you that right. It was a blessing to see that quite a few people were touched, moved and inspired not only by the message, but the overall event.

My upcoming event, THE IKE SHOW 2012 VIDEO LAUNCH will be of course featuring the launch of my video that I shot last November that is in the process of being edited, and will also have a lot of other nice surprises that will be shared with you as the date gets closer. The theme of the event is, "Get out of your own way," as I believe that oftentimes, WE are the biggest obstacles to our greatness.

In the meantime, I have a lot of planning and work ahead of me, so STAY TUNED as I share with you the upcoming developments.....

Pics from THE IKE SHOW - EMERGENCE OF AN ICON, November 2010