Monday, February 20, 2012

My Television Taping with the TALENTED Designer, Mr. Witherspoon, Saturday, 2.18.12

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. William Witherspoon once again this past Saturday, 2/18/12 at the television studios of the Manhattan News Network in midtown Manhattan. I was one of the models modeling his couture and underwear line for a television broadcast.

Mr. Witherspoon is truly an amazing, talented designer and I was impressed with a lot of the new clothing he has designed. I love how he synthesizes African aesthetics with urban chic. He is one man who has always believed in me and helped support me in my journey as a model. I always love being associated with people who are doing their thing in a positive way and I am excited to see the continuing growth of Mr. Witherspoon and amazed at how he always seems to be able to take lemons and make lemonade.

It was truly a lot of fun being a part of the whole creative process this past Saturday.

Here's a link the pre-show preparation video where you can see the whole creative process. I can be seen starting at the 3:24 min. mark where the stylist, Marque Washington is working with me, and then periodically throughout until the 8:37 min mark where from there until the end of the video I'm featured in a bunch of group shots with other models, the designer, Mr. Witherspoon and the stylist, Marque Washington.

I must not also forgot the other models who are in the picture with me from left to right, Neno Bland - Model; Yann Geoffrey - Model, and Bertini - Actor, Model, Film Producer and Fitness Consultant.



My Thoughts on Being a "Man of Style," at the 2012 PSCOTT Fashion Week Photo Exhibition

This past Thursday, February 2.16, I had the honour of being featured at the 2012 PSCOTT Fashion Week Photo Exhibition - "INDIVIDUALS OF STYLE," as one of the "men of style." (I confess that I actually should've written on my blog about this event BEFORE it took place and I promise to do better about keeping you updated going forward.)

It was honour because my participation signified to me how far I've come in my career as a model. PSCOTT, in a statement about the event, said, "My subjects are not interested so much in being fashionable as being themselves. They bring their own personal style in statements of being comfortable with whom they are. They cast themselves in my photos as PSCOTT LIFESTYLE BRAND REPRESENTATIVES by showing their unique beauty, grace and individuality."

In reference to his statement, it has been a LONG journey learning to become comfortable in my own skin, learning how to connect with my own unique essence, and subsequently learning how to express that in front of the camera and as a model as a whole. This event signified to me how far I've come and how my own brand is starting to come forth. Being in the company of other models at the event who had their own dynamism, beauty and uniqueness to contribute, and who were actively working on their own projects reminded me how beautifully unique we all are and made me grateful to God that I've come to a point that I can inspire the world with mine.

I give all thanks to God for broadening my path so my ankles do not turn, and for sustaining me with His right hand so that I was able to get this far.

Pics from Reception