Monday, February 20, 2012

My Television Taping with the TALENTED Designer, Mr. Witherspoon, Saturday, 2.18.12

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. William Witherspoon once again this past Saturday, 2/18/12 at the television studios of the Manhattan News Network in midtown Manhattan. I was one of the models modeling his couture and underwear line for a television broadcast.

Mr. Witherspoon is truly an amazing, talented designer and I was impressed with a lot of the new clothing he has designed. I love how he synthesizes African aesthetics with urban chic. He is one man who has always believed in me and helped support me in my journey as a model. I always love being associated with people who are doing their thing in a positive way and I am excited to see the continuing growth of Mr. Witherspoon and amazed at how he always seems to be able to take lemons and make lemonade.

It was truly a lot of fun being a part of the whole creative process this past Saturday.

Here's a link the pre-show preparation video where you can see the whole creative process. I can be seen starting at the 3:24 min. mark where the stylist, Marque Washington is working with me, and then periodically throughout until the 8:37 min mark where from there until the end of the video I'm featured in a bunch of group shots with other models, the designer, Mr. Witherspoon and the stylist, Marque Washington.

I must not also forgot the other models who are in the picture with me from left to right, Neno Bland - Model; Yann Geoffrey - Model, and Bertini - Actor, Model, Film Producer and Fitness Consultant.



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