Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ike Love Chooses Model to Shoot with for His Upcoming Divinity Photoshoot for His Upcoming Holiday Showcase/Reception

I am putting together a holiday showcase and reception in December that is to be based on the theme of Divinity.  For the showcase, I've conceived of displaying images composed of me and a female model in metallic bodypaint doing artistic nude poses to depict the statues and images from antiquity of Divinity.

Well, after getting a response from about a dozen models, and meeting face-to-face with several, I decided to go with Masha.  From when I saw her images and met with her in person, I sensed on a deep intuitive level that she was the right fit for the shoot and our creative energies synced in such a way that we are going to have a great time producing some great shots.
Masha is a Russian born, Texas-raised painter/sculptor/video/installation/performance artist. She has modeled for painters, photographers, sculptors, and filmmakers in different settings and contexts.  As an artist and model she likes to take creative risks - to test the limitations of body, space, perception, time. She loves to play, embody, and channel the unknown.

In addition to classical modeling, she has assisted many artists in the past and has also worked as a hair/makeup artist on film sets and is also a certified REIKI practitioner. Through all of what she does, her vision is to empower herself and others to heal, clear, relax, inspire, and embody the magic of being the you that you are. 

Ike Love
My path in this life is to enlighten, to empower, and to inspire. On my journey to produce a captivating Holiday Reception/Showcase, I'm excited to partake in this next step and produce some truly inspiring shots with someone on a similar journey.

Stay tuned on upcoming developments and for the name of the upcoming showcase...

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