Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ike Love's Favourites in Style, Fashion, Beauty and Grooming


I've often shared here my thoughts and the going on's in my career as an underwear model.  As my first blog for this year (sorry I've been away for so long) I wanted to take a different route, and share with my readers my preferences pertaining to fashion, grooming, diet, etc. to give you a bit more of a view into my "personal" world.

Favourite colour:
I LOVE the colour grey. The colour literally soothes me, grounds me and I believe completely goes well with me. I love wearing grey slacks, shirts, sneakers, underwear, hats and when I buy a car, intend for it to be a grey/silverish colour.

Favourite Sneakers:
So, what about Pumas?
It's simple - their simplicity.  They're subtle but at the same time they make a statement.  They're simplicity makes for their versatility. They go well with shorts as well as jeans and a blazer. Love these sneakers!

Favourite Underwear:
I love 2(x)ist Boxer Briefs. I love the fit, the style and the comfort. Nuff said.

Skin Care Aids:
I've often been told that I have great skin, which STILL comes as a surprise to me no matter how many times I hear it because that wasn't always the case. As a teen, I had severe cystic acne. Thank God it never left any serious scarring. I'm a bit anal about my skin and don't like using store bought products for my face because they're filled with petrochemicals, parabens, etc that do the total OPPOSITE of caring for your skin.  

For my skin, I use the PSCOTT Skin Care Package consisting of a Face Wash, Toner, and Moisturizer. I like using it because it's all natural (yea, I mean ALL natural, meaning not an empty statement like what other large companies use to deceive people), it's made from essential oils, natural botanicals, etc with no petrochemicals or parabens.

Favourite Soap:
As I grow, I've become more and more skeptical of all the mainstream brands that are thrown in front of our faces through media every day, this includes the soap.  Most of the soap out there dries your skin and are full of unhealthy chemicals.that can damage our skin. I use Trader Joe's Oatmeal Exfoliant Ginger Almond Soap for my body because it smells great, keeps my skin soft and smooth, comes as a huge bar which enables it to last a long time, has bits of oatmeal on it that gently exfoliates my skin as I wash it, and is a lot healthier than what's out there.

Favourite Deodorant:
Just about all of the antiperspirants that are available in stores contain aluminum in addition to other parabens that are NOT HEALTHY for the body.  They may do a good job of keeping us dry and odour free, but it comes at expense of our health. We can only begin to wonder how much of the illnesses that we suffer are due to the unhealthy amounts of aluminum and other parabens that we have in our bodies due to the antiperspirants that we use on a daily basis.

After getting more conscious about the products I use on my body, I changed to non-aluminum deodorants, but admittedly, they didn't do as good as a job as keeping a heavy perspirer like me as fresh and dry as the ones with aluminum do, especially during the summer months. At the recommendation of a like-minded friend of mine, I tried Dusk Organic Deodorant.  It still didn't do as good of a job as an antiperspirants with aluminum, but I found it to be better than the other non-aluminum deodorants out there. With good health being of HIGH priority to me, I can deal with that.

Favourite Toothpaste:
I was "prescribed" Therabreath Toothpaste and Oral Rinse by a Holistic/Homeopathic Doctor back in 2007 because I found that the regular toothpaste brands I had been using for my entire life up till then were not giving me the necessary oral freshness I needed.  I subsequently learned that most of the toothpaste and other oral hygienic products out there contain products like sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol and other ingredients that have the opposite effects on some of us than what they're advertised to do.  I found that Therabreath products, which contain all natural ingredients and are free of dyes, alcohol, formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals certainly did the trick for me, and since then I've never looked back.

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