Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Designer Antonio Paolo Sadio Agrees to be a Sponsor for THE IKE SHOW 2014 VIDEO LAUNCH

I am pleased to announce the coming aboard of Antonio Paolo Sadio, Atlanta based Underwear Designer, as a sponsor for THE IKE SHOW 2014 VIDEO LAUNCH - Get out of Your Own Way.  Sadio has been in the Fashion Industry for 24 years, with his experiences varying from a model, to fashion illustrator to a designer of men's and women's wear.

His first big break came in 1994 at a "chance" occurrence in a retail store when he went to visit a friend who worked there and the store manager liked a vest he was wearing and requested that his entire vest collection be carried by the retail store. Eventually finding his niche in men's ready to wear and custom made underwear, he went onto start hisown design company, Sadio and Co. which is focused on men's intimate apparel.  The Sadio Store, launched in 2009, is where his men's undergarments and casual wear are available.  He gets his inspiration for his designs from St. Croix, where he hails from which is evident in the tropical, bright colours and the breathable fabric.

I find his "if they don't accept me, I'll do it my own" attitude an inspiration.  This attitude, along with his unwavering determination drives Sadio and provides him  the encouragement he needs to carry out his plan of branching out his company and making it into an international brand.

I consider it a true honour to represent Sadio and Co. Underwear as one of my ads for the upcoming IKE SHOW 2014.  More to come...

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