Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cavier Coleman Signs on as Photographer for Sadio Underwear Ad Campaign to Be Featured at IKE SHOW VIDEO LAUNCH

It's been awhile folks.  I guess the message is that no matter how hopeless or challenging things seem, keep plugging away and NEVER give up.  The IKE SHOW VIDEO LAUNCH - "Get out of Your Own Way" is still on course and I am pleased to announce that photographer/fine artist - Cavier Coleman has been signed as of Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 to shoot yours truly for the Sadio Underwear Ad Campaign that will be featured at the upcoming IKE SHOW VIDEO LAUNCH.

Cavier Coleman is a Detroit born photographer/artist that first started off as a model at 19 years old traveling the globe from around the U.S. to South Africa, to Australia.  After he felt he learned as much as he could as a model, he made his transition into photography, where his natural artistic ability enabled him to quickly develop a trademark style that set him apart from others in the industry.  His liberal use of bright colours that called the user's attention to every pixel of the shot has gotten him work with Ford, DNA, and Request Model Agencies and the covers for Obvious Magazine, and editorial spreads for OPPA, Rough, Complex and Interview Magazines.

Success as a model and a photographer has heightened his artistic interests and led him to revisit his childhood interest in painting.  Though influenced by greats such as Pablo Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat, the style of his painting, just like his photography is unmistakably Cavier - high contrast, bold lines and vibrant colour schemes.  His work has been featured in Bottle Neck Gallery, RAW Artist Showcase, and The Great Pass Art Tour.

In regards to his work, Cavier says,"I don't just look at myself as an artist.  I am a visionary."  Currently he's involved in several projects and has work displayed in several store displays, agency websites, and art galleries around the world and is working towards becoming a household name.

It's an honour to have Cavier on board.

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