Friday, July 20, 2012

It's All about Who You Associate With...

I've often heard and read about successful people saying that if you want to progress in life, if you want to be successful, then it's a MUST that you associate yourself with the RIGHT type of people.  The right type of people being those who are consistently going after their dreams, those who aren't afraid to invest in their future and also, those who have already achieved success in achieving the life that they want.

Recently, as I've been dealing with my own blocks of creativity and inspiration, I've found that what has truly been helpful in helping me overcome these blocks and picking myself back up is these very associations just mentioned in the previous paragraph, either directly or indirectly with people in the fashion/entertainment industry who have taken the bull by the horns and are taking BOLD steps towards achieving their dreams: from models who are launching their own underwear lines, to actors who are working on their own productions, to designers creating FABULOUS clothing lines with limited resources, to entrepreneurs creating their own lifestyle brand with an expansive product line, to models who book their own ad campaigns without the help of an agency.

DESPITE having little money, despite repeated rejection from the "establishment," and despite the personal problems they may be facing, these people have managed to push on and accomplish amazing things. These people have made me ask myself, "If they're doing all this stuff, why not me?"

In ANY endeavour, who you choose to surround yourself with has a DIRECT impact on your future.  Associating with ambitious, enterprising people can inspire us by showing us that it is possible to achieve the lives that we desire.  We learn that everyone, including successful people have challenges, but that successful people don't use these challenges as an excuse  t not take any action towards their goals.  Associating with successful people help us to see that success is possible for ourselves if we take ACTION.

From proper association, I've been inspired to move forward and overcome my "obstacles."

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