Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cost Usually Winds up Being More

So, this evening, or night rather, I went online to Adorama's web site to reserve some equipment to rent for my upcoming shoot, this Sunday, November 20.

The videographer who's shooting had emailed me earlier on this week giving me a list of items I needed to bring to the shoot in order to get the results I wanted: 1) A wireless mic so that the recorder could pic up my voice; 2) A recorder for the audio portion of my video 3) A light kit including a 1,000 W light bulb for lighting.

I had no idea that this was required for the shoot and I also assumed that he would "naturally" have all these things.

Turns out I was wrong.

When I went to reserve the equipment, I was pretty ecstatic to find out that the price of the rental was a lot less than I expected. However, there was one "minor" snafu, I needed a major credit card or a certificate of insurance to hold the full replacement value of the equipment in case it got damaged, lost or stolen.

Didn't have neither, so I had to go another route. The details of the other route aren't important, let's just say that it cost me more than I wanted to spend (not much much more, but more all in all).

My experience here displays a valuable lesson that I learned a while back when I started taking action towards my goals and has once more been drilled into me: whenever you make plans or goals in life, expect that they may take longer or cost more than what you initially planned for.

You may make plans or set an initial goal to be done by a certain time frame and to cost a certain dollar amount, but in life, because you cannot foresee all that may happen, "unseen" costs may pop up, and unseen events may occur all serving to derail your initial plans to spend a certain amount of money and to have your goal completed within a specific time.

You may have control of yourself, and be the type of person who does things when you say you're going to do them, but there are other many other variable out of your control, one of them namely being people. Invariably, if you embark on any goal, you're going to one way or another wind up working with someone who you depend on to a certain degree to get something done that you can't do yourself. And of course, you have no control over people and the things that happen in their lives which may ultimately wind up affecting how they help you with what you're working.

Such is the thing called life. Rather than get frustrated and shake our fist at the gods, we should just accept this as a part of life, knowing that eventually, in one way or another, what we want will get done if we persist, just maybe not within the time period we had hoped or without us spending more that we had expected.

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