Monday, November 14, 2011

Second Photo Shoot w/ Alex Ogundiran for Upcoming Video Project Completed

Photo by Kemuel Valdez

So, this past Wednesday, November 9, I did my second shoot for my upcoming video project with the diversely talented Alex Ogundiran. Hopefully, this is the last photo shoot needed for this project, though, as you know when you embark on any endeavour, you may have to make changes down the line.

Alex Ade Ogundiran is a Celebrity BEAUTY and FASHION Photographer of South African and Nigerian heritage making waves in the world of fashion. This successful former model-turned photographer has worked with the best of the best and is passionate about redefining BEAUTY with one click of the camera. With creative vision and edge unlike any other and an out-of–the-box approach, Alex highlights his subjects’ strongest features with a unique lighting technique to create the PERFECT image.

I also might add that he publishes and edits his own magazine called TDM, creates websites for talent/companies, and also helps people with branding. For a full read on Alex and his work, click here.

I met Alex on Model Mayhem, where he had initially reached out to me after seeing my profile in order to set up a shoot. Initially, when I saw his online portfolio, I saw he had an incredible eye but thought he only did high fashion and though I usually don't shoot high fashion, something told me to call him and talk with him, and when I did, I found out he also did underwear, fitness, body shots, etc.

Cool! Exactly what I needed for my project, an underwear photographer.

When I met with him a few days later at the Barnes and Noble Cafe in Union Square, he showed me his underwear and fine art shots and I saw he had as great an eye for the male form as he did for high fashion.

BAM.....decided to hire him for the project.

The shoot took place a few weeks later in "Do or Die Bed Stuy" after we were able to find a suitable time for the two of us. It went off without a hitch. Alex was totally chill and cool to work with. We shot underwear for my project, did some fine art, and a live video.
Can't wait until I see the pics. He told me to expect a two week time frame.

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