Thursday, September 6, 2012

IKE LOVE is Being Featured in an Upcoming Pilot for a Reality Show on TLC

Photo by Wemakenoise Entertainment, Designer: Adrian Alicea and Nico Urquiza

I am pleased to announce that I was booked by The Art Studio of New York, a small art school located in the Upper West Side, to pose as their fine art model as participants in an upcoming reality show on TLC are filmed taking art classes.  The filming took place Friday morning, August 10th, 2012.

The reality show, which doesn't have a title as of yet, is about the adventures of a group of women in their 40s who are recently divorced or "newly single" as they get readjusted to the dating scene out there. 

I had a great time shooting, and I found the women to be quite funny as well as very complimentary. :-)

I am also forever grateful to top designer, Adrian Alicea, for giving me the opportunity to represent his underwear line, Nico and Adrian, for the show when I'm modeling for the class.

Adrian is got his start as a designer in the late 90s when he teamed up with Nico Urquiza to start Nico and Adrian NY. For ten years, Adrian worked with Nico to create a couture collection that featured unique and outrageous designs and runway shows that were so scandalous in their sexiness that many of the world’s top models and fashion photographers came calling for collaborations. For the past two years, Adrian has been focusing on establishing his own aptly-named line, Adrian Alicea Haute Couture.  Adrian will unveil his 2013 collection in a show titled "Hybrids of the Deep Blue Sea," that will take place during NY Fashion Week on September 12th, 2012.  For more info about Adrian, his upcoming show and his line, you can visit his site:

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